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After cats, my next great love is art!  I was drawing before I was walking!  I work with both traditional (hand drawn) as well as digital art.  I c

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We have babies!  Please email legacypersians@gmail.com or text: 317-480-6798 Smokey blessed us with 3 beautiful boys and one lovely little lady on

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Hello 🙂  My name is Spike.  My partner Jamie and I are proud to share our family with you.
I grew up immersed in the world of caring for newborn babies.  My mom is the owner and founder of Guardian Rottweilers (www.guardianrottweilers.com).  We traveled all over the world showing and competing with our Rottweilers!  I was born into raising tiny babies and my mom always kept my siblings and I involved.  She taught me everything- how to take temperatures, keep a proper whelping area, do daily weigh-ins and check-ups, and prenatal and postnatal care.  By the time I was 12 years old, I knew how to start an IV as well as tube feed a struggling runt.  Being a combat medic in the United States Army, my mom used every bit of her medical knowledge to try and make sure we never lost a baby that could be saved.  She taught me that every single life we chose to bring into this world was special and we were responsible for it.
In addition to our Rottie babies, my mom had a soft spot for any baby that needed a home.  We live out in the country and as long as we are blessed with the space and the resources, we can not turn away a soul in need.  We rescued and rehabilitated orphaned and injured animals of just about every species- from the normal chickens, goats, and ducks to various wild birds, racoons, bunnies, possums, chipmunks- we even fed baby mice via a syringe and then released them at the back of the property when they were strong enough to make it on their own.  Anytime shelters or rescues called needing something picked up or fostered, we would go get it, sometimes driving several states away.  Many of our pets had special needs- a one armed turkey, a rooster rescued from a cock fighting ring, a peacock with a skull fracture, a one eyed duck; they all seamed to know once they came home with us, they were safe now, and loved.  We always found the space and resources for “one more.” I loved them all, but, even at an early age, my heart belonged to felines.  Every time we fostered a pregnant cat and got to raise the kittens, it was beyond difficult when they were old enough to get adopted out.  I wanted to keep all of them!  Of course my mom did say yes occasionally, especially if it was a “lifer” (an animal that was difficult to adopt because of medical issues or training issues).

When I met my partner, we were in high school and played soccer together.  We bonded over our shared love of cats and Jamie has supported me in every step along the way.
I have struggled with anxiety for most of my life.  Meds help, and I would be lost without my service dog, Teddy.  However, my happy place is my cats.  I don’t get people, and they don’t get me.  But my cats, they get me, always.  They know what I need even when I don’t know it.  There is no bad day they can’t make better and no worries they can’t purr away.  My cats are not just my passion, they are my obsession.